About Me

Kim DeLonghi

Actor | Executive Producer

Kim DeLonghi began performing in small independent films and commercial productions, noting The Handmaid’s Tale as being one of her earliest breakout parts she performed in. She went on to film, Beyond the Law with Steven Seagal and DMX, before she moved on to work with Liam Neeson, Dianne Kruger, Jessica Lange, Daniel Houston in the film Marlow. She was then cast in the film Banshee, working with Antonio Banderas and Jamie King.
Kim’s most recent work includes the films, The Last Son, starring Heather Graham, Sam Worthington, Machine Gun Kelly and Thomas Jane, and a feature role in the movie Castle Falls, starring Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins.
She finished shooting Acidman, with Thomas Hayden Church and Dianna Agraon and is now working on a shark genre film called Maneater with Trace Adkins, Nicky Whelan, and Shayne West. A few more notable films for Kim are, Classified with Aaron Elkhart and Tim Roth and Dead Mans Hand with Cole Hauser.
These films not only gave Kim the acting experience she was looking for but also the opportunity of executive producing projects. Not only has Kim’s acting presence increased but also her production company K Productions has been gaining strength in the industry with preproduction projects moving forward.